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ERWIN GOGGEL  • Producer, director, screenwriter and cameraman

Graduated in Staging from "Schauspiel Akademie,” Zurich, Switzerland. He is an actor, cameraman, filmmaker and film producer, while at the same time engaging in social work and reforestation. Producer of the fiction feature films La vendedora de rosasLa voz de las alasBuscando a MiguelRetratos en un mar de mentiras. Producer and director of documentaries Cómo poner a actuar pájaros, Del Palenque de San BasilioUna propuesta inéditaVereda El Tigre. Producer of medium-length films Al margenLucero siempre me espera, Maromas, Balada de la primera muerte, Amanecer, Colombia, país en marchaPeposBusesArturo NavarreteAbstinencia, El curandero de CocalitoAgua ardienteBochinche en el barrio arribaA 300 metros reténMineros. He has appeared as an actor in the plays Canto del Fantoche LusitanoRicardo III, Celestina, and in the film Con su música a otra parte directed by Camila Loboguerrero.

CLAUDIA FISCHER • Production Designer

A versatile visual artist, with a degree in Fine Arts, DSAP from “École des Beaux Arts,” Paris, France. Restoration of Mural Painting. ICCROM. UNESCO Oil Painting Restoration. Furniture Design, Florence, Italy. In the audiovisual field she has worked in the areas of direction, camera, screenwriting, editing, and production of the documentaries -Ati & Mindhiwa- As the tree under the hurracane and WËRAPARA- Chicas Trans.

Production Design: Feature film Portraits in a Sea of ​​Lies.

Art direction: Feature films: Buscando a MiguelLa Voz de las alas.
Medium-length films: Viaje al Mesías, El hombre de mi vida
TV Series: Sólo de hombres para mujeres, Condenados.
Telefilm: Juliana que mala eres, Caracol TV.

Production of the documentary El águila y la serpiente.

carrusel trasescena

EDGAR GIL • Director of Photography

Completed the Cinematography Program at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Apprenticeship training with photography director Allen Daviau, "Bugsy,” "E.T." Subsequently, he obtained a master's degree at New York University Graduate Film School. He has been a producer, director, editor and director of photography for feature films, short films, documentaries and videos, most of them made in the United States. He participated in several different projects for Colombian television. Director of photography for the feature films Iván el más terrible, El séptimo cielo, Time's up, Buscando a Miguel, Retratos en un mar de mentiras, La raccolta.


PAOLA VÁSQUEZ  Executive Producer

Graduated from the Film and Television School of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, she began her career in film as a video assistant and produced several short films. Later, she became a field producer for the feature films La voz de las alasBuscando a Miguel, and for the commercial pre-production company La Vecindad Films. Executive Producer of Hilo del retorno.

   She is interested in directing, venturing into different formats such as telefilm, TV series and reality shows, where she works in different positions: Assistant Director 1 and 2, Assistant Director and Script.

SANTIAGO LOZANO • Musical Composer

Degree in Composition from the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. He did several specializations in Berlin, Rome and Madrid. Composer, performer, sound designer and currently teacher of academic and popular music composition. His interests are focused on the interaction with various forms of art: theater, dance, plastic arts and cinema, and the use of new technologies as instruments of expression. His compositions have been performed in a dozen countries and he has composed soundtracks for award-winning films at various festivals.



Electroacoustic musician, sound designer and engineer, post-production specialist and university professor. He earned credits as a mixer, sound designer and musician in various motion pictures, and for countless records and branded film productions. Outstanding in his catalog of musical works are the virtual flute concert Kartenspiel, Gracias Dalila, Baking the Flute, Intimacies of a Public Telephone and the most recent Floyd.

LORENA SALAZAR • Field Producer and 2nd Assistant Director

Bachelor’s degree in Communication, majoring in audiovisual production. She has worked on the topic of Exile and Migration starting with her undergraduate thesis. Experienced as a producer of feature films, short films, documentaries, television and advertising, she coordinates and organizes festivals and film meetings, teaches workshops and conducts film forums. Collaborated in the design and application of the dynamics of participatory photography with migrants on the southern border of Mexico. Later, she took part in the making of a documentary on public migration policies in that country. She does social research and works in written and audiovisual media. Currently, she lives and works in Argentina.



Studied Economics at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Worked on the production of short narrative surcharge films and institutional documentaries. Collaborated in the edition of La Vendedora de Rosas and edited two documentaries: Mónica Rodríguez and Cómo poner a actuar pájarosHe edited Del palenque de San Basilio and collaborated on the feature films La voz de las alas and Buscando a Miguel, and also worked on the edition of Los últimos malos días de GuillerminoCollaborated in the edition of the documentary Una propuesta inédita, Vereda El Tigre and completed the editing of Hilo del retorno.

RAFAEL UMAÑA • Direct Sound

Location sound for film and television in the field and the studio. He has worked on short documentaries and movies. He teaches sound workshops for the Ministry of Culture. Direct sound for the films La vendedora de rosas, Sumas y restas, Buscando a Miguel, Soñar no cuesta nadaRetratos en un mar de mentiras, El gancho, El día del Adiós.


ÁLVARO HORMIGA   Production Assistant

Photographer and audiovisual producer. He studied film and photography in Bogotá, where he works as a director and DOP in different projects. He obtained a degree in independent feature film production at MPA and joined an international production company. In 2011 he went to Madrid, as director of photography in independent shorts filmed in different European capitals. Focusing on photography, independent projects and life as raw material, he earned a Master's Degree in Contemporary Documentary Photography at EFTI and the creative production workshop for independent films in Mexico City. Currently works as photographer and producer for independent audiovisual and advertising projects in different cities around the world.


RODRIGO BERMÚDEZ • 2nd Cameraman

Has more than 13 years of experience as a technician in the field of cinema and photography. He began working in branded films in 2002 and played various technical roles in this field: electric, gaffer, VTR, 2nd cameraman, focuser. Since 2009 he has worked primarily as cameraman and director of photography for different projects and production companies. At the same time, he kept up his profession of photographer, and complements his personal work with productions for music labels and catalogs for art spaces.

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