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Erwin Goggel was born in 1949 in Sopó, Colombia, son of swiss immigrants and entrepreneurs, where he grew up between poor peasants, workers and abandoned children.


Graduated in “Mise en scène” (1977) at the Schauspiel Akademie Zürich, has worked in Colombia on more than 40 films,going through all the crafts available in movie making. He created the Land and Home Foundation.



Producer and Camera

La vendedora de rosas, fiction 110 min 

Oficial Competition Cannes 1998


Producer and Director

Del Palenque de San Basilio, documentary  80 min

Best documentary Cartagena de Indias Film Festival


Poner a actuar pájaros, documentary  90 min

Producer and Director 


Una propuesta inédita, documentary  80 min

Producer, Director and Kamera


Campesinos, documentary 10 hours

Producer, Director and Camera

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