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-Leading actress-, Is a Colombian-European, multicultural actress. She was born in Paris, France.

  Paola studied at HB Studios, New York, with Jaqueline McClintock, Montreal and with Stephany Feury in Los Angeles. Paola is a Bachelor of Theater and Film from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. With an innate talent for drama, she has been awarded as best leading actress in The naked screen (Ícaro) and in Portraits in a sea of ​​lies (Guadalajara, Amiens and Premios Macondo) Participations in cinema: La Palabra De Pablo, Electrick Children, No Fall, No Spring, Lady of Guadalupe. On television: This is life", Love a thousand, Watchmojo. In theater: Echoes of voices, La candida Eréndira. She currently lives in Los Angeles.



-Leading actor-, Following a very intense career featuring study, commitment and perseverance, and with an artistic vein that allows him to proudly position himself, he is today one of the great Colombian actors with great prospects. Julián has participated in several plays representing Colombia in various festivals around the world. As a child, he made his appearance in the feature film Técnicas de duelo, later appearing in Águilas no cazan moscas and Golpe de estadio, all under the direction of Sergio Cabrera. Other film appearances: La primera nocheEl tratoRetratos en un mar de mentirasEn comaLa lectoraLa semilla del silencio. Extensive career in TV. Nominated multiple times for Best Leading Actor.




Studied theater and acting in Colombia and Venezuela. She has worked in over 12 television series with RCNTV, RTI, Caracol, Telemundo and Netflix.

   Film Appearances: Todos se Van directed by Sergio Cabrera, Colombia. Retratos en un mar de mentiras, Paraíso TravelEl Amor en los tiempos del Cólera. Short film: Mephisto  Feature film: Piel.

  Over 10 appearances in theatrical productions in Colombia and Venezuela. Nominated multiple times for best Supporting Actress.

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